Imperial Calendar

Something of a misnomer, the Imperial Calendar had actually been in existence in Nebka for thousands of years before Ilium even existed. Not just the most widely accepted means of marking the passage of days throughout Phasis, the calendar is a divinely inspired masterpiece of timekeeping, immanent in the movements of the planets and the stars.

The calendar is 365 days long, divided into twelve months of thirty days each, which are further divided into four weeks of six days each. These twelve months can be fairly precisely divided into four seasons of three months each, with the first three months being Spring, followed by three months of Summer, Autumn, and the last three months of Winter. The remaining five days, called Calibration, occur outside of any month or week, or even season, and are marked in the Heavens by a solar eclipse lasting through all five days and on the earth by unpredictable weather. During this time, the planets and stars re-align themselves in preparation for the beginning of another new year.

Calibration is one of the most important periods in every year, marking both the end of one year and the beginning of another. It is also a dangerous and mysterious time – ill omens and terrible tragedies are common during Calibration, and it is said that gates to Hell, the lands of the Dead, and even stranger realms are weakened or even thrown open fully, allowing all manner of terrible creatures to walk freely across the world. That said, Calibration is also often a time of revelry and abandon, where people dressed in outlandish costumes and horrifying masks take to the streets in great parades, where taverns sell ale and wine on the cheap, and young and old alike engage in good-natured mischief and pranking.

Numerous Holy Days and other days of rest mark the Imperial Calendar. Early in Spring is the Blossom Festival,


Imperial Calendar

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