Located off the Western coast of Lumeria, the Isles-il-Picti are a collection of some hundred snaky islands of varying size whose long connection with the Fey have left it strange, out of synch with the material world, and according to some legends, impenetrable all but the mysterious Druidic Order.

Very little is known about the Isles-il-Picti. The name is derived from an Old Morrovian word now commonly translated as Pixie, though encompassing Fae in general. Despite the geographical location and general shape of the island formation, the weather on the island is unpredictable and seems to change from island to island, day to day. Although commonly believed to be inhabited by the Fair Folk, it does in fact play home to a diverse range of natural creatures, sentient and otherwise.

Official Imperial contact with the Isles has been extremely limited. Attempt at invasion occured only once, under the command of Emperor Jeremus Cortos, and ended in disaster. Dozens ships and all their crew vanished in the mists surrounding the Isles during the approach, and after landfall the campaign only grew worse. Jeremus Cortos was among the missing, and the few survivors were forever altered by their experience there. A few exploratory expeditions met with some degree of success, but the islands have never been fully explored or mapped, and most regard them as cursed, the wild lands of the Fair Folk and not meant for human occupation.



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