The Immortal Sovereign

WE have existed from the
     Morning of the world and
WE shall exist when the
     Last star falls from the night sky
WE ARE all men as
     WE ARE no man
WE ARE the source of all knowledge as
     WE know nothing
WE ARE more than everything and
     Less than nothing; there fore

             ~Stele of the Immortal Sovereign, 1:1

Little is known of the being who rules over Nebka and calls itself the Immortal Sovereign. Few are allowed in his presence and none are known to have looked upon him directly. Although legend states that he was once a mortal elf who achieved something akin to godhead through means unknown, the Immortal Sovereign has never addressed directly the mystery of his origin and officially, he is regarded as the divine, eternal, and ineffable ruler of Nebka since the dawn of the elven nation.

While Nebkans regard it as taboo to speak of the him as though he were mortal, scholars and priests of the Ilostrian Empire commonly accept that the Immortal Sovereign is a title associated with the positional authority of the Nebkan head of state that has been passed down through the hands of an unknown number of individuals since recorded history. Characterized by the unique nature of various periods of Nebka’s past, the official estimate is six distinct entities; however, it is unknown whether this number reflects dynasties of ruling families or factions or is indeed only a handful of exceptionally long-lived individuals.

The more conservative and hard-line members of Imperial government and clergy have long held that the Immortal Sovereign is blatant and flagrant evidence of the acceptance and even encouragement of black magic within the elven nation. Association with the elves has long been a source of contention even during Gaius il Magnus’ reign, when several generals and bishops in the war against Nebka called for the extermination of what they deemed a pit of heresy and wickedness. Though relations softened over time and the hard-liners never truly got their way, the peak of Ilostrian-Nebkan association are long past. Now, in light of recent developments with the Ulu Khanate in the East, the hard-liners are once again rallying more conservative sectors of Imperial society against the “death-worshipping” elves.

The Immortal Sovereign is the sole autocrat of Nebka — his authority is absolute, on par with the dictates of the gods. He is traditionally considered to be infinitely knowledgeable, wise, and benevolent towards his people and nation. Even so, his power is delegated through various officials and powerful houses and bureaus whose duties encompass all aspects of Nebkan life. Because of the centralized, autocratic nature of the Immortal Sovereign’s government, life in Nebka appears to outsiders as structured, even oppressive. Despite this, none could argue the abiding nature of their culture and society.

In current events, the Immortal Sovereign has issued an order to conscript all able-bodied elves in light of the vast hobgoblin horde approaching from the East. While such an order would likely result in the instant disintegration of Imperial society, the elves appear to be complying with their total military mobilization with little incident or resistance.

The Immortal Sovereign

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